Looking for a boutique hotel in northern Israel which offers a unique culinary experience on par with the top hotels around the world? You have come to the right place. Every guest is invited to partake in a sumptuous breakfast which includes a variety of delectable cheeses, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, and vegetables all served in the farm-fresh style that one would expect at a high end country hotel. Sip from a glass of our delicious orange juice, freshly squeezed from the oranges grown on our estate. And of course gourmet coffee made how you like it from the finest beans. In addition, our own private chef, Daniel Lazar, will prepare a special meal for you and your party using only the finest and freshest ingredients to fashion a meal that you will never forget. Chef Lazar uses his talents to attend to every detail, producing a delicious culinary experience that will only add to the perfection of your stay. Be sure to let us know if you would like to use his services. Families with children will also enjoy their stay at our boutique hotel in northern Israel, with a special children’s menu for or little guests. In fact, our menus have options to please guests of every age – from the oldest to the youngest—and we invite families of all sizes and ages to come and experience our beautiful country boutique hotel for themselves. You can choose to take your meal in a variety of settings depending on your mood. Whether you prefer to eat your lunch by the pool, on your private patio, or in our ample lounge, let us know and we will take care of everything else. Want wine with your meal? The nearby Golan Heights is hosts some of the best vineyards in Israel with the most suitable conditions for producing unique and delicious wines. Our wines are procured from a Golan Heights winery that specializes in handmade, boutique wines that are sent straight from the winery to our cellar, ready to be poured into your glass.

Maskit offers a culinary experience that combines unique tastes and the use of the best products in the market. Each month, the house Chef prepares a new rich seasonal menu that is customized to requests of our guests.

Chef meals by Chef Daniel Lazar, a unique combination of classic and modern techniques with the highest quality ingredients.

As part of ordering a Private Chef Tasting at the villa, the menu is customizable for children on request.

In Maskit, we offer our guests light lunches (snacks), which will be served at the guest's request in the lounge area or by the pool by our host team.

Maskit's breakfast kitchen opens up a world of flavors, innovation and creativity.

Maskit's boutique wine line is an art that combines nature and man, as well as quality wine grapes for unique handmade manufacturing processes.

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