Chef Daniel Lazar, a native of the northern coastal town of Nahariya, is a graduate of the Danon Culinary School.

Daniel began his professional culinary career serving as Sous-Chef at David Frenkel’s Pronto Restaurant. He then continued his work as Sous-Chef at Eyal Shani’s renown restaurant- North Abraxas. 

Daniel has always had a deep love for working in the kitchen and with fresh produce. His cooking method is a unique combination of classic and modern techniques.
He is known for his use of the highest quality, raw ingredients and emphasizing their flavors without interfering with their natural taste. 

After returning to his roots in Northern Israel, Daniel searched for a luxury kitchen where he could continue to express his great love of cooking. 
And then he found Maskit Boutique Hotel, where he is now the restaurant’s Head Chef. 

The menus are created afresh every season (spring/summer & autumn/winter) in order to ensure that the highest quality, fresh, local produce is used each season. 

Upon arrival to Maskit Boutique Hotel, it is recommended to reserve at least one "Private Chef Meal” where you will be able to enjoy the unique delicacies of Daniel’s famous culinary expertise. 
* Reservation of a Private Chef Meal requires a minimum of 8 guests 
* An additional fee is charged for any changes to the menu and/or dishes 
* The meal does not include wine or alcoholic beverages
Price per person - 360 NIS
Price per child (age 2-10) 150 NIS

The price does not include wine and alcoholic beverages. Service not included. 





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