How do you bring your management team into a private Tuscan estate without passport control and boarding a plane?! Maskit offers to hold a variety of workshops and business company evenings for any type of organization, gift vouchers for outstanding employees and attractive activity days for senior managers.

In the heart of the estate, you can find a true magic in every corner. Leading lifestyle bloggers and senior fashion designers in Israel have promoted fashion productions that have an international atmosphere.

There are special events in life that we cherish in our hearts forever ... A round number birthday is certainly one of the most exciting moments in life. 60th birthday to dear mom or a loved grandfather at Maskit estate - a once in a lifetime event!

Boutique weddings in Maskit are designed for couples that wish to have a wedding in an isolated intimate estate on a unique, non-standard and exclusive location in the heart of a Galilee landscape, just a touch away from Achziv beaches nearby.

Maskit is proud to invite you and your loved ones to celebrate each of your most special events with us. A family vacation in a private closed estate, a birthday celebration for a family member, a vacation for friends and couples, a wide range of conference packages, board meetings, senior staff workshops, bachelorette party, and more.

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