Welcome to Maskit - A synergy of design, service, intimacy, and international luxury standards. At Maskit we decided to fulfill our dream vacation for our clients. Maskit is the ideal vacation for those who expect the highest standards of luxury and service, and yet prefer the intimacy and charm of a private estate.

There is the amazing nature that envelops you in love with us in Maskit and there is our nature, which is to love and serve people with an uncompromising level of excellence.

Roy is the designer and creator behind the new design of the suites in Maskit. Roy is our house designer for 10 years, during which he designed the lounge area, swimming pools and lobby, as well as many of the furniture and decorative items that give the place a unique character.

Vered is our garden fairy. Vered dreamed, designed and created all the decency in the Maskit. As a designer of gardens, Vered creates a comprehensive experience that envelops the visitors and provides them with places of flowering and relaxation at different times of the day, day and night.

Jacob is the house photographer of Maskit, who documents the estate from the beginning.

If you were in Maskit, you must have met them. The founders and directors of Maskit are a couple with a dream: to build the most exclusive, luxurious and unique hospitality complex in Israel

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