Welcome to Maskit Boutique Hotel’s luxurious and pampering spa. We offer a wide variety of indulging treatments from qualified practitioners whose goal is to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Whether you prefer Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a combination of both, our certified massage therapists are on call to meet your needs. Release tight muscles and tension and reclaim the blissful feeling of peace and serenity with a pampering massage in our soothing treatment rooms. Enjoy other additions such as natural oils, hot stones, and reflexology aimed to bring you peace of mind and complete physical relaxation. We also offer prenatal massage to ease the tension and the aches that can occur during pregnancy and four-hands massage with two massage therapists, who, using synchronized moves, give the feeling of experiencing two full body massages at the same time. To reach another level of physical respite, visit our dry sauna which will help your muscles fully relax and cleanse your body. And if that wasn’t enough, our indoor pool can be incorporated into your treatment, delivering an additional element of comfort and calm that only water can provide. At the Maskit Boutique Hotel guests receive only the best treatments for a truly holistic experience

Maskit Spa offers guests an exciting invitation to experience tranquility through a perfect combination of the nature surrounding the estate with its green landscape and the fine materials and professional hands that will embrace you with love. Maskit offers a variety of unique spa packages for an exciting pampering day at the spa.

The Spa offers water treatments in a heated indoor pool, heated in a temperature that is ideal for the body - up to 34º degrees. The pool is also equipped with an underwater sound system. The water treatments are a floating massage for relaxation and tension relief.

The series of 50 minutes long treatments offered at the Spa is in a frame

A Finnish dry sauna for muscle relaxation and thorough skin cleansing.

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