Maskit's boutique wine line is an art that combines nature and man, as well as quality wine grapes for unique handmade manufacturing processes.
Maskit estate has joined a small boutique winery "Kanaf", located in the Golan Heights, to produce a line of exclusive wines made exclusively for Maskit.
The grapes are harvested from individual vineyards selected from the best vineyards of the Golan, which is characterized by its rich soil and the precise climate for the growth of quality wine grapes.
The wine line includes a variety of aromatic and varietal wines, with rich, delightful flavors that preserve the aromas and tastes of the variety from which each wine is made.
Maskit Wines:
Merlot | Cabernet Sauvignon | Sira | Unique Blend "Maskit-Tel Fares” 
"Maskit-Tel Fares” has the qualities and exceptional nature of the Tel Fares land and includes a wide and rich aroma. 

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