Maskit’s unique and innovative design is the highlight of the interior architecture that pays special attention to both large and small details. The suites have been designed in a romantic and eclectic style, aligning with the latest trends of the best boutique hotels in the world, inspired by the 1920s Europe.

The Maya suite is dedicated to the intellectual salons of Paris and the women who led them, such as Maia Williams, who always appeared radiant at the right moment, equipped with jewelry imported especially for her from the Levant.

The Adoriya Suite is dedicated to the creation of adventure and love of danger. Like the exotic heroes of the old days, Adria Rosetti, a noblewoman from Florence who crossed deserts and forests on her horse, was equipped with a small backpack and dazzling beauty.

The Jane Suite is dedicated to the great travel journals of the Romantic period, and to the creative figure of Jane Emerson, an intellectual and benefactor who described her travels in the Mediterranean countries in six elegant volumes.

The Tess suite is dedicated to the romance and feminine daring of the colonial period, like the occupying personality of Tess Byron, the daughter of a London intellectual couple who crossed India on an elephant alone (if not counting her three good friends and the entourage of servants, porters and guides who accompanied her)

Shelly suite is dedicated to the horse whisperer Shelly Lawrence, who has the talent and ability to soothe problematic purebred horses.

The Sandy Suite is dedicated to the love of nature and Sandy's special connection to singing birds. Sandy was an ornithologist (an expert in the study of birds) she traveled as far as distant Australia at the sounds of the rare colorful birds in order to further expand the rare species recorded in her personal diary.

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