Achziv Trek Yam - the company is located near Achziv beach, 1 km from Maskit estate. The company specializes in organizing and producing water sports, sailing in tornado boats, renting kayaks for cruising in the grottoes at Rosh HaNikra Nature Reserve, and coordinating jeep tours in Western Galilee.

Rosh HaNikra Nature Reserve - located in the Rosh HaNikra cliff, 2 km from Maskit estate and it is the only site in Israel where a mountain descends directly to the Mediterranean Sea. The site is a paid tourist site, with a cable car and paths that combine tunnels and bridges in front of and into the grottoes.

Malka Beer Brewery - a local quality brewery located in Yechiam, a 15-minute drive from Maskit estate. Owned by Assaf Lavi, who moved to live at Klil communal settlement out of ideology and a desire to produce local quality beer. The brewery was established in 2008 and since then the brewery specializes in production of ales in a traditional manner and in small quantities.

The Montfort Castle Observation Point - at the heart of Goren Park there is a crusader fortress that began to be built in the 13th Century, and its beautiful remains include halls, a tower and spectacular observation points. The Montfort Observation Point on the cliff above the northern bank of Nahal Kziv is also an excellent picnic site and a camp point for trips in the nearby stream and the park.

Old Acre and The Turkish Market – The ancient city of Acre is one of the most enchanting places in Israel, with 4000 years of history reflected in every stone. The city is surrounded by an ancient Crusader wall, with historic and culinary treasures, offering a variety of flavors, smells and colors. Many sites in the city have been restored, such as churches, synagogues, knights' halls and the Templar tunnel. You can purchase a ticket for a tasting tour through the Municipality website, for those interested in tasting local delicacies, in carefully selected stalls located in the market and the port area of the ancient city of Acre.

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