Water Spa

The Spa offers water treatments in a heated indoor pool, heated in a temperature that is ideal for the body - up to 34º degrees. The pool is also equipped with an underwater sound system. The water treatments are a floating massage for relaxation and tension relief. 
Watsu is a treatment method that combines warm water at 34º degrees and Shiatsu. It is a method of movement therapy in a warm and pleasant aquatic environment. The body floats and stretches while Shiatsu pressings simultaneously move and release the body. The mind and body relaxes, tension and stress are washed away in the water, and pain finds relief. In this method, the lack of gravity and body strain allows the spine and muscles to move in a way that usually cannot be performed on a treatment bed or a mattress. The treatment offers you to feels flexibility, freedom of movement, and elation.
Watsu - Shiatsu floating treatment for stress relief - 390 NIS
Jahara - Water treatment recommended for pregnant women

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