Vered is our garden fairy. Vered dreamed, designed and created all the decency in the Maskit. As a designer of gardens, Vered creates a comprehensive experience that envelops the visitors and provides them with places of flowering and relaxation at different times of the day, day and night. As a child, a rose returned with wildflowers that she picked on her way home and to the old trees she acquired honor and holiness. Vered brings experience of life and work in various areas of Israel and California.
In Maskit's gardens she implements her design concept, which creates diverse areas and experiences for recreation in the garden and outside it. Vered created a minimalist and clean design, using a small and intentional variety of colors and a lot of white blossoms, to create a green and peaceful cover for the stay in the suites.
The gardens in Maskit are integrated into the unique interior design of the various styles, through Mediterranean vegetation typical of the climate of the shores of the Western Galilee, to exotic and quiet corners and connecting Israeli and European.
In order to understand in depth the decor of the Maskit, you should focus on the picture from the southern and southern windows, several times, throughout the day and night, to catch a quiet corner and listen to the sound of the leaves and the chirping of the birds.


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