If you were in Maskit, you must have met them.
The founders and directors of Maskit are a couple with a dream: to build the most exclusive, luxurious and unique hospitality complex in Israel.
It all started with Avi Maskit, a marine boy from Nahariya and today a real estate developer, a member of the Zoglowek family, one of the founders of the city - who fell in love with the farm in Moshav Liman, near the coast of Achziv. "The connection to the moshav and to the life of nature is especially loved by me, the dream was to turn the mansion into a unique and unique hospitality complex for a relaxed vacation in the quality and standard of living in classical Europe," he says. The spa.
At the same time promoting the tourism sector in the Galilee, Avi decided to initiate a private partnership with a boutique winery in the Golan Heights, and together with a professional winemaker he developed a series of boutique wines from the Tal Fares grapes, considered to be the best in Israel.
My father's love for the kitchen brought him to cooking studies and he is responsible for some of the flagship dishes at the chef's meals in Maskit. Sometimes, he can not help himself, goes into the kitchen and goes out with dreamy treats to the lucky guests.
Recently, Sarit, my father's partner, joined him. Sarit has managed to manage Maskit and produce the unique boutique events held at the estate. "I do this from my great love for connecting with people, and from the tremendous satisfaction I derive from seeing people who experience a total and happy experience. We are truly addicted to the happiness of our guests and run the place out of love and a constant desire to offer them an experience that they will remember over time. "

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