Maskit Villa by Moody Roza

Just two hours drive from Tel Aviv separate us, from one of the most magical places in Israel, the Villa Maskit. Maskit is not your average hotel it’s a combination of a private resort and a family home, it has the feeling that you came to visit friends or relatives who are living their dream in the country side, with their own pool and a horse stable.

Sarit Maskit and her husband who are the proud owners of this resort will indeed be your relatives for the duration of your stay as they give such personal attendance to each guest. Maskit contains only four suites which makes it even more exclusive than you think, so coming here with your family or a bunch of friends is beyond ideal if you happen to be a bit of a snob like yours truly. (Yes, its bachelorette party heaven!). Each room is specious enough to have 2-4 people, the design is modern very elegant the rooms have many custom made details, and the atmosphere all around is of a sophisticated grown up holiday.

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Maskit Villa
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