Body spa

Classic Swedish Treatment
A treatment that provides a particularly refreshing and relaxing experience. It is a classic European massage for releasing painful muscles and relieving tension. The therapist uses touch techniques and massage movements throughout the body, which inject new energy while wrapping you a feeling of warmth and softness
320 NIS

Deep Tissue 
A powerful and dominant treatment that leaves the client feeling lighter and more relaxed. The treatment is slower, deeper and spreads over wide areas of the body, according to the client's choice and preference. With the help of targeted pressing and massage movements, the deep layers of the body can be reached to release and strained parts.
320 NIS

Combined Treatment 
The therapist uses several massage techniques and elements and to provide our guest a personalized massage, while taking into consideration his or her private needs. 

Hot Stones 
A warm and caressing treatment that combines the therapist's skilled hands and the natural healing power of Mother Earth. The treatment uses heated basalt stones, immersed in aromatic oils with deep aroma.
350 NIS

The ancient foot massage. The pressing releases daily stress from the foot that carries the weight of our bodies. The specific treatment affects immediately and all parts of the body relax as a result of this treatment.
340 NIS 

A massage that stimulates all the senses and leads our guest to wonderful and endless relaxation and tranquility. The massage is gentle, soft and caressing massage with aromatherapy oils, which are produced from plants and are specially adapted to the client’s preference. Aromatherapy provides the body relaxation, nourishment for the skin and a sense of renewal. 
320 NIS 
Massage Treatment for Pregnant Women (recommended from week 14)
A gentle and caressing treatment that reduces the feeling of heaviness during pregnancy. It calms and supports all body systems. A professional therapist, who is qualified to treat pregnant women and has undergone precise training, performs the treatment. 
320 NIS

4 Hands Treatment 
A combination of two professional therapists that provide simultaneously a treatment to release the upper and lower body.  
490 NIS 

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