While it is easy to be enveloped by the Maskit Boutique Hotel, there are many attractions for those who would like to explore the amazing places that the Galilee and Golan have to offer. Our hotel is located on Moshav Liman in the Western Galilee, located at the very northern tip of the country. A few minutes up the road, you can experience Rosh Hanikra, a breathtaking coastal viewpoint where you can view the Mediterranean Sea in all of its splendor, either from the expansive lookout or overhead in cable cars. Nearby you will also find jeep tours, kayak rentals, tide pools, hiking trails, natural springs, and more. There is even a spelunking site nearby for those who are looking for a breathtaking challenge. If you do relish a hike in one of the most beautiful places in Israel, the Montfort Castle in Park Goren offers breathtaking nature and a spectacular view from ancient ruins from the crusader era. If culinary tourism is more your speed, be sure to check out the Malka Beer Brewery about fifteen minute drive from our hotel. Here you can find a handmade beer born out of a love of nature and a passion to produce fine Israeli beer. The brewery offers tours, a beer salon overlooking the brewery floor, and live events. A short drive to the South will lead you to the ancient city of Acre (Akko) where history and culture come together in an enchanting seaside port. In addition to historical and culinary tours, you can visit religious sites, antique markets, and even take a boat ride around the bay. Or if you prefer spending time on the beach, there are many regional beaches within a stone’s throw of the hotel. Achziv, Batsat, Banana, and Shav’ei Tzion beaches will offer you a relaxing and refreshing way to enjoy your vacation whenever you feel the need to need to dip your toe in the sea or feel the warm, soft sand under your feet. With all of these options, you cannot pick a more perfect vacation spot in the northern Israel than the Maskit Boutique Hotel.

Our world class boutique hotel is also a terrific space for all kinds of events. For private events, the entire estate can be rented out for an intimate and unique experience for you and your guests. With the capacity to host up to 24 guests, the Maskit Boutique Hotel is the perfect option for milestone birthday and anniversary celebrations, bachelorette parties, teambuilding events, management retreats, off-site meetings, and bar and bat mitzvah weekends. Imagine going away with your loved ones in comfort and style without the rush and noise of big crowds. This can be a reality at the Maskit Boutique Hotel. During your event, we guarantee privacy and top level service to attend to your every need. Our event packages include gourmet food and catering services, time around the pool (weather permitting), pampering massages, and meeting spaces that facilitate discussion and productivity. One-day packages without accommodation are also available. Or if you just want to thank your employees for their hard work, we also offer gift certificates—the perfect way to incentivize your staff. Whatever reason you stay with us, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable experience, and leave with the best memories of

Boutique hotel in northern Israel with a heated pool When you are looking for a boutique hotel in northern Israel, having access to a swimming pool is always important. At Maskit, you will find two swimming pools, available to our guests all year round. Surrounded by grassy lawns and Mediterranean fruit trees, our outdoor swimming pool is perfect for cooling off during a hot summer’s day or splashing around with your family. Here you will find a variety of comfortable loungers for sunbathing or drying off after a dip in the pool. If sun is not your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of wide brimmed canvas umbrellas and trees to rest under while sipping a cocktail or reading a book. Our second, indoor poor is heated at a constant temperature of 34 degrees centigrade making it a relaxing experience in any weather. As if that weren’t enough, the covered pool is surrounded by soft cushioned sofas for lounging or sipping from a glass of something sparkling. While you’re in the pool, look up at the walnut ceiling with its beveled glass light fixtures hanging down for your eye’s delight. The whole experience will enchant your senses and soothe your body. Our pools are cleaned on a frequent basis—meeting the highest hygiene standards—and there is a lifeguard on duty for the utmost safety of our guests.

Looking for a boutique hotel in northern Israel which offers a unique culinary experience on par with the top hotels around the world? You have come to the right place. Every guest is invited to partake in a sumptuous breakfast which includes a variety of delectable cheeses, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits, and vegetables all served in the farm-fresh style that one would expect at a high end country hotel. Sip from a glass of our delicious orange juice, freshly squeezed from the oranges grown on our estate. And of course gourmet coffee made how you like it from the finest beans. In addition, our own private chef, Daniel Lazar, will prepare a special meal for you and your party using only the finest and freshest ingredients to fashion a meal that you will never forget. Chef Lazar uses his talents to attend to every detail, producing a delicious culinary experience that will only add to the perfection of your stay. Be sure to let us know if you would like to use his services. Families with children will also enjoy their stay at our boutique hotel in northern Israel, with a special children’s menu for or little guests. In fact, our menus have options to please guests of every age – from the oldest to the youngest—and we invite families of all sizes and ages to come and experience our beautiful country boutique hotel for themselves. You can choose to take your meal in a variety of settings depending on your mood. Whether you prefer to eat your lunch by the pool, on your private patio, or in our ample lounge, let us know and we will take care of everything else. Want wine with your meal? The nearby Golan Heights is hosts some of the best vineyards in Israel with the most suitable conditions for producing unique and delicious wines. Our wines are procured from a Golan Heights winery that specializes in handmade, boutique wines that are sent straight from the winery to our cellar, ready to be poured into your glass.


Welcome to Maskit Boutique Hotel’s luxurious and pampering spa. We offer a wide variety of indulging treatments from qualified practitioners whose goal is to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Whether you prefer Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a combination of both, our certified massage therapists are on call to meet your needs. Release tight muscles and tension and reclaim the blissful feeling of peace and serenity with a pampering massage in our soothing treatment rooms. Enjoy other additions such as natural oils, hot stones, and reflexology aimed to bring you peace of mind and complete physical relaxation. We also offer prenatal massage to ease the tension and the aches that can occur during pregnancy and four-hands massage with two massage therapists, who, using synchronized moves, give the feeling of experiencing two full body massages at the same time. To reach another level of physical respite, visit our dry sauna which will help your muscles fully relax and cleanse your body. And if that wasn’t enough, our indoor pool can be incorporated into your treatment, delivering an additional element of comfort and calm that only water can provide. At the Maskit Boutique Hotel guests receive only the best treatments for a truly holistic experience

Maskit offers a culinary experience that combines unique tastes and the use of the best products in the market. Each month, the house Chef prepares a new rich seasonal menu that is customized to requests of our guests.

Maskit Spa offers guests an exciting invitation to experience tranquility through a perfect combination of the nature surrounding the estate with its green landscape and the fine materials and professional hands that will embrace you with love. Maskit offers a variety of unique spa packages for an exciting pampering day at the spa.

Welcome to the Maskit Boutique Hotel located in picturesque Moshav Liman on the northern coast of Israel. Here you will enjoy the synergy of elegant design, 5-star service, serenity, luxury and the intimacy and magic of a private estate. If you are looking for a boutique hotel in northern Israel with only the highest international standards, you have come to the right place. At Maskit Boutique Hotel, we offer our guests peace, quiet, and pastoral beauty for the perfect getaway. With its luxurious rooms, relaxing country surroundings, and first-rate service, you can’t ask for a better spot for your ideal vacation. Located in Moshav Liman, a coastal community bordering the majestic beaches of Acziv, the Maskit estate is surrounded by acres of orchards, and breathtaking views. After passing through the bronzed manor gates and travelling down a tree-lined road, you will arrive at our blue door—the gateway to luxury boutique suites, lavish spa, elegant lounge, and a gourmet restaurant designed exclusively for our hotel guests. Our hotel holds up to 25 guests and is the perfect place for couple’s getaways, family milestone celebrations, summer trips, New Year’s celebrations, and intimate gatherings or meetings such as seminars, management retreats, off-site meetings, bachelorette parties, and more.

The Spa offers water treatments in a heated indoor pool, heated in a temperature that is ideal for the body - up to 34º degrees. The pool is also equipped with an underwater sound system. The water treatments are a floating massage for relaxation and tension relief.

If you’re looking for supreme yet subtle luxury in a country setting with access to the beautiful Mediterranean coast, you have found it. Our boutique hotel, located on a sprawling Western Galilee estate in northern Israel, contains 6 spacious suites with a designer touch that will make you feel like you stepped into an elegant French country home. With room for up to 4 guests, our stand-alone suites are expansive, encompassing 40 meters of beautifully-designed living space and a verdant private garden. The décor is an elegant mix of modern comfort with antique country style, including pieces that have been sourced from all over the world. You will love all of the special touches inside, included underfloor heating, a gas fire place, and elegant interior design features such as marble showers and customized, high-quality furniture. Each room contains a glorious king-size bed with the highest quality mattress and linens, a living room area with a cozy sofa and an antique coffee table, a spacious ensuite bathroom stocked with high-end toiletries and velvety bathrobes, a private outdoor shower, your own personal espresso/coffee maker, a minibar, a widescreen television with access to a variety of channels, and fast and free internet service. We have thought of everything to make your stay as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. Such level of style and comfort can only be found at the Maskit Boutique Hotel.

The Maya suite is dedicated to the intellectual salons of Paris and the women who led them, such as Maia Williams, who always appeared radiant at the right moment, equipped with jewelry imported especially for her from the Levant.

The series of 50 minutes long treatments offered at the Spa is in a frame

The Adoriya Suite is dedicated to the creation of adventure and love of danger. Like the exotic heroes of the old days, Adria Rosetti, a noblewoman from Florence who crossed deserts and forests on her horse, was equipped with a small backpack and dazzling beauty.

A Finnish dry sauna for muscle relaxation and thorough skin cleansing.

The Jane Suite is dedicated to the great travel journals of the Romantic period, and to the creative figure of Jane Emerson, an intellectual and benefactor who described her travels in the Mediterranean countries in six elegant volumes.

The Tess suite is dedicated to the romance and feminine daring of the colonial period, like the occupying personality of Tess Byron, the daughter of a London intellectual couple who crossed India on an elephant alone (if not counting her three good friends and the entourage of servants, porters and guides who accompanied her)

Chef meals by Chef Daniel Lazar, a unique combination of classic and modern techniques with the highest quality ingredients.

As part of ordering a Private Chef Tasting at the villa, the menu is customizable for children on request.

In Maskit, we offer our guests light lunches (snacks), which will be served at the guest's request in the lounge area or by the pool by our host team.

Maskit's breakfast kitchen opens up a world of flavors, innovation and creativity.

Maskit's boutique wine line is an art that combines nature and man, as well as quality wine grapes for unique handmade manufacturing processes.

Shelly suite is dedicated to the horse whisperer Shelly Lawrence, who has the talent and ability to soothe problematic purebred horses.

The Sandy Suite is dedicated to the love of nature and Sandy's special connection to singing birds. Sandy was an ornithologist (an expert in the study of birds) she traveled as far as distant Australia at the sounds of the rare colorful birds in order to further expand the rare species recorded in her personal diary.

There is the amazing nature that envelops you in love with us in Maskit and there is our nature, which is to love and serve people with an uncompromising level of excellence.

Roy is the designer and creator behind the new design of the suites in Maskit. Roy is our house designer for 10 years, during which he designed the lounge area, swimming pools and lobby, as well as many of the furniture and decorative items that give the place a unique character.

Vered is our garden fairy. Vered dreamed, designed and created all the decency in the Maskit. As a designer of gardens, Vered creates a comprehensive experience that envelops the visitors and provides them with places of flowering and relaxation at different times of the day, day and night.

Jacob is the house photographer of Maskit, who documents the estate from the beginning.


How do you bring your management team into a private Tuscan estate without passport control and boarding a plane?! Maskit offers to hold a variety of workshops and business company evenings for any type of organization, gift vouchers for outstanding employees and attractive activity days for senior managers.

A round, heated indoor pool, in an intimate and closed complex with underwater sound system.

Outdoor mosaic pool - for swimming and refreshing.

Give a prestigious voucher to someone you really love ...

A variety of attractions, cultural events and trips in the area.

"Operation Spring" in the Maskit Estate

Maskit VIP Club members will be eligible for a benefit when booking a return vacation at Maskit estate.

In the heart of the estate, you can find a true magic in every corner. Leading lifestyle bloggers and senior fashion designers in Israel have promoted fashion productions that have an international atmosphere.

There are special events in life that we cherish in our hearts forever ... A round number birthday is certainly one of the most exciting moments in life. 60th birthday to dear mom or a loved grandfather at Maskit estate - a once in a lifetime event!

Boutique weddings in Maskit are designed for couples that wish to have a wedding in an isolated intimate estate on a unique, non-standard and exclusive location in the heart of a Galilee landscape, just a touch away from Achziv beaches nearby.

If you were in Maskit, you must have met them. The founders and directors of Maskit are a couple with a dream: to build the most exclusive, luxurious and unique hospitality complex in Israel

Maskit is proud to invite you and your loved ones to celebrate each of your most special events with us. A family vacation in a private closed estate, a birthday celebration for a family member, a vacation for friends and couples, a wide range of conference packages, board meetings, senior staff workshops, bachelorette party, and more.

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